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I Hated To Run

I run now but for years I hated to run. I really did.

What got me hooked on running was not the idea of running but the idea of getting in shape.

Fifteen years ago I remember distinctly seeing a recent photo of my family and silently remarked: “I don’t know that I like the way I look.” To most people I did not look over weight, nor was I by health standards.

I was a dad who was busy raising children and letting their schedule dictate mine.

That next week I turned a switch and made a change. It was simple, I got active, I started walking two miles, six mornings a week. Because I was putting time into walking I didn't want to sabotage exercise by eating badly so I started pay attention to my food intake.

Fast forward a few years. I began to add in some running intervals and it wasn't long before I was running a few local 5k races.

Running still wasn't something I like to do, but it wasn't quite 'hate.'

Fast forward a few years. I begin to see people in Country Music Hal Marathon shirts the day after the race.  I thought if they can run a 1/2 marathon then so could I.

Running a half-marathon went on my bucket list and the next year I signed up for a Fleet Feet Training Program with a goal of running the Country Music Half Marathon.  The training program worked, I ran the race, I even met my time goal. And I did this first race at age 52.

I was hooked and I didn't hate running any more. My running partners became my friends. The half marathons accumulated and a year later I ran my first marathon. I have even become a certified running coach.

Running, I don't hate it anymore.  Running isn't the goal. It's about being active and staying healthy. The bonus is new friends.


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