Last week with Team Fleet Feet Sports (Week of April 9)

Eric Fritz helped with Say No to Obesity 4K

Jennifer Carroll Smith went to the Tri 101 coaches meeting on Saturday.

Linda Scavarda mentored 10k group Wed and Saturday.

Kathy Faulkner Youngren “raced” the Superheroes 5k as the last 3 miles of a marathon long run, then helped tear down and load back up. Also helped with Cookie Dash packet stuffing on Saturday.

Aleisha Boodoian Chaffin helped with the Cookie dash packet stuffing Saturday, and set up, cleaned up and raced Superheroes 5K on Sunday.

Robert Youngren raced the Superheroes 5k with his and Kathy;s daughter--her cute cheeks and button nose just beat him to the line! They also helped set up / take down the finish (well, Marley supervised).

Amy Kondrath Tanner coached the 70.3 group at a run and ride! 

James Falcon raced Say no to Obesity and helped pick up a few cones after.




Dink Taylor (left) Fleet Feet Sports owner, Mountain Mist Race Director, Track Coach, Tri Coach

Eric Fritz (right) Huntsville Track Club President, Next Steps 10K Coach


Jim Clemens (left) Marathon Mentor

Aleisha Chaffin (right) Marathon Mentor


Amy Tanner (left) Tri 70.3 Coach

Dana Overton (right) Marathon Mentor


David Moulder (left) Mentor

Dennis Mix (right) Ironman Mentor/Coach


Donna Palumbo (left) Cotton Row Race Director, Professional Mentor

Donna Ruiz (right) Tri 201 Coach


James Falcom (left) Race Director & Mentor

Jamie Miller (right) Ironman Mentor/Coach


Jennifer Smith (left) Triathlon Mentor

Jess Ahrens (right) Tri 101 Coach


Joanna Whisenant (right) Triathlon Mentor


Julia Donovan (left) Fleet Feet Sports Training Director

Kathy Youngren (right) Marathon Coach


Linda Scavarda (left) Winter Winds Race Director, Speed Coach, Fast 5K Coach and Marathon Mentor 

Nathan Pierce - Half Marathon Mentor/Triathlete


Rob Youngren (left) Marathon Coach

Ryan Dovonan (right) Mentor

 Not shown:  Christy Scott, Rebecca Reynolds, Suzanne Taylor, Dianna Cioppi, Paul Erickson

photo credit:  Melissa Hopper

Week of April 2


Amy Kondrath Tanner volunteered at bridge street packet pickup on Friday.......and ran it on Sunday!


Donna Hudson Ruiz raced Bridge Street and then helped with cleanup after.


Jennifer Carroll Smith volunteered for heel and crank Friday and volunteered for bridge Street on Sunday.


Wendy Tedder Pearson ran  Bridge Street half and helped with clean up :)


Donna Wimberger Palumbo volunteered for packet stuffing, t-shirt counting, and packet pick up.


David Moulder Worked setup, raced Bridge Street Half (PR’d), and then worked cleanup.


Jessica Lawson Ahrens didn’t get to race or volunteer at heel and crank😥 but was on early morning set up crew for bridge street and the ran the race.


Christy Scott raced Oak Barrel on Saturday then paced the 2:15 group at Bridge Street on Sunday, then picked up mile marker flags after the race.


Linda Scavarda coached the 10k Group Wed and Saturday and then paced 2:00 group with Dana on Sunday and assisted in cleanup. Afterwards, she took the Domino's bags back to them.


Julia Donovan an with Madison NoBo on Tuesday, paced Bridge Street with Ryan


Paul Erickson Tried to pull off RD’ing Heel and Crank, but it had to be cancelled due to weather.


Rebecca Reynolds paced Bridge Street and ended up not being able to volunteer or race at Heel and Crank.


Jim Clemens worked packet pickup morning of Bridge Street, then ran Bridge Street Half


Eric Fritz was at an RRCA conference in DC and ran a 10 mile that was at least it was a minute faster than the previous one


Aleisha Boodoian Chaffin and her boys marked Bridge Street course on Saturday night, and Ryan put out the mile marker flags Sunday morning for Bridge Street Half. Then I paced the 1:55 group with Kathy (best pace group ever!!!)


Kathy Faulkner Youngren coordinated sentries and split timers for Bridge Street the paced the 1:55 group with Aleisha.

Week of March 26


Christy Scott completed the RunSUP race in Florida! "I had never actually raced before, so it was a fun experience! Ready for our season to start here!"


Jennifer Carroll Smith Raced at the HITS Sprint triathlon in Ocala Florida on Saturday. She kicked off the season right!


Linda Scavarda Mentored the 10k Wed & Sat and NOBO Thurs in Madison.


Amy Kondrath Tanner Coached the 70.3 group on a long ride and a run!


Eric Fritz Coach 10k group. ("And the fast guy hurt me... ")


Donna Hutson Ruiz Ran with the Bridge Street 1/2 group.


Nathan Pierce ran with the half marathon group.

Week of March 19

 Suzanne Swift Taylor celebrated her Mom’s 85th birthday!!

Rebecca Reynolds Helped with the 10k group Wednesday night.

Dennis Mix Worked the aid station at McKay Hollow

Eric Fritz Led Next Steps and helped at McKay on Saturday.

Dana Overton Worked the aid station at McKay Hollow

James Falcon Raced the Hot Chocolate 5k in a “blizzard” in Indianapolis. By the end of the day there was 10+ inches of snow. They ended up canceling the 15k for safety. Amazingly nothing closed in town.

Nathan Pierce ran with the half marathon group Saturday morning

Julia Donovan Ran with the Madison NoBo on Tuesday

Jim Clemens Had an awesome long run - oh, and I spent some money at FF

Christy Scott Helped mark the McKay 12k course Friday, worked aid station at McKay Saturday then stayed for cleanup. Handing off RFH race stuff to Chelsea this afternoon. (Cleaning out the garage!)

Amy Kondrath Tanner Worked the aid station at McKay!

Paul Erickson Worked the aid station at McKay!!

Donna Wimberger Palumbo Worked packet pick up for McKay and Cotton Row RD activities.

Linda Scavarda Helped with NOBO Tues night, helped 10k group Wed night, lead and helped clean up fun run Thurs night, Helped 10k group Sat morning, worked food and helped clean up at McKay, and supplied aid, finish line arch for funky run. Ran Funky run as well.

Week of March 12th

Joanna Wilbanks Whisenant Raced in Nashville on Saturday

Rebecca Reynolds Raced and volunteered at the Rocket Run

Eric Fritz worked the Rocket Run, setup, raced, then helped tear down at Rocket Run

Donna Wimberger Palumbo worked the Rocket Run packet pick up, mentored 1/2 training, and worked on Cotton Row RD activities

David Moulder raced at the Rocket Run (earned a 4 min. PR) and lead the 5 miler at the Fleet Feet Sports Fun Run

Linda Scavarda was the Fun run 3 mile lead and helped and enjoyed running with Eric and Rebecca at the Rocket Run 10 miler

Aleisha Boodoian Chaffin helped mark the Rocket Run course before the race and then raced it!

Amy Kondrath Tanner Coached the 70.3 group 

Wendy Tedder Pearson Coached the 70.3 group

Jamie Miller Hit a PR at the Rocket Run 10 Miler and helped Coach Amy with the 70.3 bike ride.

Julia Donovan  volunteered at packet pick-up.

James Falcon helped with the Rocket Run set up, finish line, and tear down.

Week of February 26th

Denalo 12 Hour

Donna Ruiz I ran her first 50 miler at Delano and worked all day at Fleet Feet Sports on Sunday!

Aleisha Chaffin ran 78 miles in 12 Hours for a New State Record and Age Record.


Amy Tanner coached 70.3

Chattanooga Half Marathon

Jamie Miller ran the half marathon 1:53.58

UAH 8K & Pump It up

Linda Scavarda 3rd over all female, won the women's pump and run.  She volunteered as well!

Rebecca Reynolds volunteered

Eric Fritz ran UAH and volunteered

Dink Taylor volunteered at UAH

Big Commit at Fleet Feet Sports

Rob & Kathy Youngren

Dana Overton

Nathan Pierce

Linda Scavarda

Rebecca Reynolds

David Moulder

Dianna Cioppi

Dink & Suzanne Taylor

Linda Scavarda

Other Great Outdoor Activities


Dennis Mix is on the road to recovery from his knee surgery.  Glad have him back running!


Jennifer Smith road 2 hours on her new Balance Bike preparing for Heel and Crank.


Jim Clemens ran his highest mileage week since September and signed up CIM and signed up for his 28th Peachtree 10K.


Christy Scott hung out at the Huntsville High Track Meet.


Joanna Whisenant got in a long run and had multiple kids sporting activities.


Paul Erickson did some great training on the Pelaton and took the AMAZING HEMI for his first hike on Monte Sano.


Donna Palumbo went to Disney and Becoming and Outdoor Women Camp AND worked on Cotton Row!

Week of February 19th

President's Day Fun Run

Linda Scavarda volunteered

Paper Chase 5K

Linda Scavarda, Erickson and Suzanne Taylor Volunteered

Mt Cheaha 50K

Dink Taylor raced

Christy Scott raced


Week of February 12th

Actif Epica 162K in Winnipeg

Rob Youngren 1st Overall

Love Runners Volunteers

Linda Scavarda volunteered

Eagle Ridge

Linda Scavarda volunteered

Eric Fritz volunteeerd 7 Ran the 3.5 Mile race

Dana Overton won the 50K - 1st female

Dink Taylor ran the Half Marathon




February 10-11 Team Activities

Hug a Cub 

Ryan Donovan volunteered

Nathan Pierce finished 2nd at Hug A Club with a new PR of 18:16

Carnival Frolic Half Marathon

Jamie Miller raced

Tick Ridge

Christy Scott volunteered and 1st Overall Female in the 50K

Dink Taylor volunteered and ran the 25K

Jennifer Smith volunteered

Dennis Mix volunteered

Eric Fritz volunteered

Winter Winds

Suzanne Taylor volunteered

Linda Scavarda Race Directed the race

David Moulder volunteered

Aleisha Chaffin volunteered

Eric Fritz volunteered and raced

Donna Palumbo raced

Rebecca Reynolds ran the 2 mile with her son

Dink Taylor volunteered

Merecedes Marathon & Half Marathon

Joanna Whisenant raced

Jim Clemens raced

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