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Foot shape, biomechanics, muscle factors and training regimens are the keys to a proper fit - not a person's experience level.

First, we talk to you about your activities to get an idea of your training.

We also ask about your current and previous injuries that may have an influence on your biomechanics or shoe needs.

Then measure your foot. At this time we are diagnosing the structure of your foot, taking into consideration the width, volume, and arch heights. We do this to insure proper fit so that your feet are happy and healthy.

Next, we bring out a neutral running shoe to watch you run in.

We then watch you run on our treadmill (or outside if you are more comfortable) and analyze the gait cycle that is unique to each runner. We do this to determine the necessary amount of control require for you in a shoe.

Note: with walkers we will go through the same process except the majority of time we will watch you walk in your socks or bare feet. We do this so that we can pick up on the subtleties in your foot strike that may be hard to recognize with shoes on.

We then select several shoes from the proper category based on the information we have gathered. We select these shoes based on fit, performance and your biomechanical needs.

There may be several shoes that will fit your needs that is why we have you test them out on the sidewalk. We want you to be happy with your choice, that is why we make recommendations but the final selection is based on your comfort.

This process usually takes 20 to 30 minutes (based on the number of customers in the store). We like to spend individual time with each customer so please be patient - your foot health is important to us. Appointments are not required.

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