Corporate Wellness Outreach

Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville is driven by the mission to engage and inspire North Alabama to get healthy, fit and active. Our experienced, professional staff are available to provide your workplace with personalized fitting, coaching and advice based on your company's needs. Our staff is eager to help your company promote a healthy lifestyle which can in turn produce a more enthusiastic and productive workplace. We can provide material for company meetings, customized training programs, on site fittings, and health fairs.  

Lunch & Learns

We'll come to your workplace at lunch time and give a presentation about running shoes, inserts, and training programs. We'll demonstrate our fit process and talk about how the right fit can help you stay healthy and stay motivated. We enjoy talking to the beginner walker to the advanced runners. Let us know what your group wants to learn more about, and we can cater to your needs!

Health Fairs

Fleet Feet Sports would love to be a part of your next health fair. We'll provide the latest information about shoes and inserts, foot health, injury prevention, training advice, and motivational tips.

Private Shopping Night for Your Group

Fleet Feet Sports can work with your group by offering your company an exclusive shopping night at after hours! This is an opportunity for your staff to spend time together out of the office while also receiving one on one attention to your company’s employees.

Office Chair to No Boundaries 5K Program

Fleet Feet Sports knows what it takes to help motivate and encourage people to get up and get moving! For information about group discounts to our public training programs, contact our training program coordinator, Julia at If you have a large group, we can also arrange a training program that's exclusive to your employees and provide the following:

-Provide on-site beginner's fitness training through No Boundaries, a locally sponsored by New Balance 
-8 Week Training Program
-Professional Speakers
-T-shirt, Water Bottle, Bag, Store Specials
-$90 Per Person and 20-Person Minimum
-Private Shopping Night for Your Group

Fleet Feet Sports is proud to also offer beginner's fitness programs open to the public. Check it out:

Workplace Fit

Prevention is the key to a healthier workforce. A healthier workforce reduces long-term healthcare costs, increases stability and productivity, and improves global competitiveness. Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville knows how to support your prevention efforts in the workplace. We are committed to helping you, by providing our expertise and knowledge.

Bring our service and experienced team of Fit Specialists to your employees. We will bring a premium selection of running/walking shoes in a range of sizes and widths. Along with shoes we will bring other essential items, such as socks and insoles, to ensure a customized fit. The set-up and service is available for all group sizes and includes special event pricing.

For more information on Workplace Fit, click here

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