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Gia Schuetz:  Morning No Boundaries Group in Huntsville

My life made a turn for the better when I signed up for No Boundaries training four years ago.  Today, I enjoy running 5k's, participating in sprint triathlons, and Nordic walking.  I believe in "sustainable exercise":  Exercise that integrates easily into your life and can continue throughout your lifetime--without restrictions of location, class times, equipment, gym memberships, cost, etc.  To me, the ultimate "sustainable exercise" is running and/or walking.  My biggest accomplishment in running is having the honor of being a No Boundaries Coach.  I love to help light the fire of a healthy lifestyle in people.  If that healthy fire is started, it grows--through families, into neighborhoods, and into the work place & schools.  Since healthy people are happy people, hopefully this will help create more caring & peaceful communities.

Chrissi Hamilton: No Boundaries

My introduction to No Boundaries was in the spring of 2009. To tell you that my life has changed since then would be the understatement of the century. Learning about running through Fleet Feet led me to my trainer, who helped me build a healthier body and mind through strength training and continuing to run further than I ever thought I would. When I began, I had run off and on in different periods of life but never consistently. I have now run countless 5ks, 13 road half marathons, and 2 trail half marathons with plans for many more. The most important thing I gained through the program was accountability and a sense of belonging to a special community. My biggest blessing is a tribe of wonderful people that I met through Fleet Feet who build each other up and have aspirations to continue achieving audacious goals together. We have been on several "runcations" over the years and plan to have loads more exciting adventures in the future! My objectives as a coach are to help people cross that finish line successfully, but mostly to instill in them a confidence to continue setting goals and surround themselves with people who support them to accomplish as much as they dream possible!

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