5 Methods to Balance Your Athletic Goals, Career and Personal Life

Don’t let life get in the way of achieving your fitness goals Very few of us have the opportunity to pursue running full-time, which me…

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Why Your Running Journey Is Just as Important as Your Goal

Is training more important than the outcome? Maybe. The limp started at mile 19. What I practiced became ugly, my stride a parody o…

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Simple Stretches for Runners Who Sit All Day

Sitting behind a desk all day can be detrimental to your health—and your running. Many modern work schedules force runners into a seate…

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4 Exercises to Strengthen your Legs

Improve the quality of your run with a few simple exercises Strength training is an important element in helping runners improve their perfor…

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Training: Core Work

When we think about getting faster, and staying injury free, we tend to focus on our leg- and foot-work. But to a large extent, your speedR…

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Foam Roll the Right Way

For any serious runner, regularly-scheduled massages can be a critical part of maintenance and injury prevention. But if you don’t have …

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Get The Benefits of Massage at Home

Helpful tips for your recovery routine Massages can be a great way to ease muscle soreness, loosen up tight areas, relax, and l…

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Hydration Help

Fluids are such an important part of your running life. Water supports all the major body processes—from regulating your body temperatur…

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Top Hydration Options for Running

Runners think about a lot of factors when it comes to their daily miles. Time of day, weather, their running shoes and apparel can all make or…

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Avoid Race Day Nutrition Mistakes

Common fueling mistakes on race weekend, and how to avoid them When you step to the starting line of any endurance event that you’ve tr…

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