Overcome These Top Fears of New Runners

Whether it’s starting a job, going on a first date or buying a house, doing anything new can be daunting. New runners know the feeling,…

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The 4 Important Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know

NO BOUNDARIES MENTOR JOHN SILVA SHARES SAGE ADVICE It’s not always easy to start a training program and stick with it. Creating a new h…

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How Training in Heat Can Boost Your Body

A decade ago, my wife was presented with an awesome opportunity. She would work at a rural medical center on the eastern coast of the Domi…

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Shoe Review: HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X

The HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X already broke the world record for 50 miles—and it’s coming for your personal records, too. HOKA debute…

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Spring Your Way Into 5K Training

See that? No, it’s not pollen coating every bit of furniture and turning your black car a dingy yellow. It’s the 5K race calen…

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Why You Should Run With Your Dog: Lessons From Fleet Feet Burbank Runners

You may know the thrills and difficulties of owning a dog. But have you experienced the joys and life lessons of running with your d…

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Five Reasons to Run With Your Dog

When professional trail ultrarunner Krissy Moehl came home with her adventure dog, Piedra, it was after 10 years of careful consideration, reg…

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6 Go-To Yoga Poses for Race Recovery

Before you begin your practice, find your breath. Here’s how: If you don’t already know your breath count (the length of your inh…

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Fire up the Back Chain

Fire up the Back Chain   Find Strength and Run Stronger To be an efficient runner with a low risk of injury, you need a bala…

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Common Tapering Mistakes

The unfortunate truth about training for long-distance races is that you can spend weeks, months, and even years preparing for your goal event…

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