Stop Watches: Timex and Soleus

Heart Rate Monitors: Garmin

GPS Watches: Garmin

Socks: Balega, Swiftwick and Doctor Specified (Diabetic Socks)

Nutrition: GU, PowerBar, ProBar, GoldBar, EFS, Ultragen, Salt Stick, Sports Legs, S!Caps, Glukos, Luna, Hammer, E-Gel, Honey Stinger, Nuun, Skratch, Kate and Ultima

Insoles: Superfeet, Montrail, and Powerstep

Recovery: Addaday, CW-X, Trigger Point, Foot Rubz, RockTape, Pro Stretch and Zensah and CEP compression sleeves

Miscellaneous: Strassburg Sock, running books/ magazines, hats/ visors, reflective gear, Petzl headlamps, pepper spray, water bottles, Body Glide, Sweaty Bands, NipGuards, Fuel Belt, heel arch cushions, and metatarsal pads.

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