Power of Running Celebration

 Help us celebrate the Power of Running on October 30th, in honor of our two Madison County nominees, Jennifer Carroll Smith and Rick Greif.

On July 31, 2014, Jennifer Carroll Smith was hit from behind by a large truck while cycling with a friend. She was in the middle of training for Ironman Kentucky and Ironman Chattanooga. Jennifer sustained a spinal cord injury from the accident, which left her paralyzed from the thigh down. She can now walk by using a two-handed walker and she has recently purchased a recumbent trike so she can participate in swim and bike races! Jennifer continues to show her support for the Fleet Feet Triathlon team by attending any races or trainings she's able to and cheering the group on. She is truly inspirational to the entire Huntsville community. 

Rick Greif, a 15 time Ironman, is now battling Multiple Myeloma. Rick says he really appreciates the true power of running since it has made his treatments much more bearable and recovery with very good chances of remission a very real possibility. Rick's been a runner and tri coach for years in the Huntsville community. Through it all, Rick has maintained a positive attitude and still found time to provide input, insight and encouragement from his hospital bed in Houston, Texas. Not only is he a great athlete, but his inspiration comes from his love of sport and love of people. 

Join us at Fleet Feet Huntsville to celebrate these two inspiration runners from our community! October 30th at 5PM

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