TRI 101

Get Ready to Tri - Train for your 1st Triathlon!

Registration for 2015's training program opens February 1, 2015 & we're only able to accept the first 65 registrants.  Mark your calendar to be the first to register & secure your spot!  Registration can be found at

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The TRI 101 Program is a introductory course to the world of Triathlons by helping any beginning participant  understand the basic philosophies & techniques of Triathlons & complete a Sprint Triathlon in 16 weeks. It will be a complete cross-training program developed to help you finish a 400 meter swim, 7 mile bike ride and a 5K (3.1 miles) run.  Our goal race is the Huntsville Sprint Triathlon on August 15, 2015. 

Can't swim, run, or haven't been on a bike since you were a kid? NO PROBLEM! You'll have motivational coaches that are with you every step of the way to help you learn swimming basics and guide you to run a little further each week. And once you learn to ride a bike, it sticks with you forever! Any bike you currently have will work for this training program. You are also given all the knowledge & experience of local, accomplished Triathletes about proper stretching, running/swimming/biking form, educated speakers from our community to help you understand about preventing injuries, fueling your training and races, etc. Everything you need to finish your goal!

Best of all, you will be among like-minded people, in a non-competitive environment, also striving to complete a Sprint Triathlon. You will see all ages (from 16 and above), both genders, all sizes, and all experience levels among the participants AND coaches! No reason to be intimidated with TRI 101!  FINISHING IS WINNING!

You must be able to walk 1 mile, ability to get across 1 length of a pool (25 yards) with no fear of putting your face in the water and have access to a bike several times a week. This is truly a program for beginners!  You must be at least 16 years of age and understand traffic laws.  Also, you must be a US citizen, due to training sessions that access Redstone Arsenal.  It is imperative that you meet these minimum requirements!

- 16 Week Training Schedule for Beginning Triathletes (value $100)
- 1 Group Workout each week with knowledgeable, experienced & motivating coaches, and optional runs/bikes/swims throughout the week (value $15/week = $240 for 16 weeks)
- Weekly Training Newsletters providing education on Form, Pacing, Fueling, etc. (value $80)
- Experienced local professional speakers on various walking/running topics (value $100)
- Cool Training Shirt (value $25)
- Swim Cap (value $5)
- Coupons & Discounts (value is unlimited)
- Total value of program = $550+
Value of calling yourself a TRIATHLETE = PRICELESS!

Get started & on your way to a healthier & more active you for $150!
That's less than $10/week, cheaper than a gym membership & you also have coaches!

Huntsville Sprint TriathlonOur goal for TRI 101 Training will be the Huntsville Sprint Triathlon. Race day is Saturday, August 15, 2015. Registration to TRI 101 does not include the race entry; you must register yourself for the race.  Registration for the race can be found on the Team Rocket Tri Club website

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm at Fleet Feet Sports located at 2722 Carl T. Jones DR. Suite B 2, Huntsville, AL 35802. The Kickoff event will not be a training night but a brief introduction to TRI 101 and Fleet Feet. We will also be reviewing the training program & take your questions. Come meet your coaches and your training teammates that you will make lasting friendships with!

Group training nights will be Tuesdays at 6:00 pm beginning April 28th. We will train from Fleet Feet Sports and various areas around town.  Your training group & new training mates will offer additional alternate runs & bikes throughout the week to help you reach your goal.  We will have 4 additional Saturday swim sessions  that will be announced by April 1st.

We are extremely excited to welcome back this year our sponsors, Nesin Physical Therapy & Bicycle Cove, to offer even more quality to your triathlon training experience! 

Nesin Physical TherapyNesin Physical Therapy will be providing expertise to your training through experienced Physical Therapists attending sessions, giving you someone to ask questions to, exercise recommendations & the correct way to perform certain exercises/stretches, etc.  And they'll have some great prizes to give away to our participants as well!  If you are experiencing any physical issues, no matter how small, prior to our training to start, please visit Nesin Therapy for a consultation & let them know you'll be in our programs so they can get you well in no time!

Bicycle CoveBicycle Cove is teaming up with our programs to offer you bicycle fitting services at discounted rates, expertise surrounding bikes and bike maintenance, etc.  Not to mention Bicycle Cove plans to offer our participants swag & giveaways!  It is HIGHLY recommended if you have not been fitted on your bike that you do so to avoid potential injuries.  Chris Leven, owner of Bicycle Cove, is an experienced professional in bike fittings & will help you avoid injuries and maximize your performance on the bike with a very comprehensive fitting.  Click here to find out more about their fitting services.  And we recommend you call NOW to schedule your appointment before he gets booked up.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Triathlon Training, please contact the Director of Triathlon Programs Caneilia Patterson at
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